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Autism Group raises $3K at tourney


Introducing a new project for our program:


Teen/Adult Life Skills Social Group


Autism Gym is proud to announce the first outing for its new group. "The Teen/Adult Life Skills Social Group" This will be geared towards higher functioning teens/adults with developmental disabilities. This is a goal oriented social group that will encompass learning life skills in an entertaining platform. Since it is a goal oriented group, this group will be limited to those individuals who are higher functioning. The participants must be able to communicate and follow/learn from directions/guidance.
Our first event, March 16th will be laser tag followed by a walk to the nearby McDonalds for a late lunch/early dinner. Participants will be provided  money and they will independently order their own food and handle their own money. Conversation will be encouraged discussing the afternoons’ events.
If your teen/adult is interested in participating in this group. Please RSVP to no later than Wednesday March 13th as we need an accurate head count and won't be able to accept reservations after that date.
These events will almost exclusively be held on Saturdays (every other month) so as not to interfere with work or school schedules.

If you wish to be a part of this group please provide the following information.

  • Name

  • Age

  • Special interests

  • Areas you would like to see life skill improvements in.