There are a few ways to donate:

We can always use toys such as balls, hula hoops, games; anything geared toward movement and fun!

We can always use auction items for our yearly golf tournament fund raiser.

We can always use baked goods or other food cooked for events.

we can always use money (of any amount) to support our children's events, games, etc.

  • $5 can help us raise money to help with our Prom
  • $10 helps pay for art supplies, balls, hula hoops, games, scooters, food for events, music, etc. for our children 

Any gift card, gift basket, or new item we can raffle or put in a basket for one of our events is ALWAYS appreciated. Everyone
has time, a talent or a treasure. It doesn't take much to make a difference. This allows us to keep our program free.

Any donations helps the children.